About Us

Ronnie's Candles LLC began as a pastime with my husband (Gary who now answers to Ronnie🤣) during the early days of the Covid Pandemic. At that time everyone was making puzzles, we decided after only one completed puzzle, to order some supplies and make soy candles.

Those first candles needed some work, and we weren't quite satisfied, although fun and intriguing, off we went and quickly embarked on a journey of research into the centuries old craft of an illuminating necessity.

After many rounds of testing different types of wax, wicks, fragrance oils, vessels, and other variants that are necessary for the safe and perfect burning candles our formulas soon became apparent.  

These formulas are now used in the production of our 100% soy candles and melts that we currently offer.

To date, Ronnie's Candles (by the way named after my beloved and late dad) can be found on our website, on shelfs in various Connecticut shops and boutiques, farmers markets and other popular events around the state.

Be sure to find us and try one today!