The More You Know

At Ronnie's Candles we believe it's very important to be transparent and inform customers about our soy candles and melts that are proudly handcrafted in small batches in Middlefield, CT. 

Soy candles have skyrocketed in popularity over the last 20 years and are often referred to as the healthy alternative in candles because they emit less soot than its paraffin counterpart.

The soy wax used in our candles is produced from raw materials derived from U.S.-grown soybeans which is an eco-friendly and renewable resource.  One benefit of using soy candles is it's a healthy alternative and a con is that soy candles can sometimes be a bit more subtle in regard to hot throw.

Please bear in mind a (one) wick soy candle may or may not match the fragrance performance of a (3) wick paraffin candle. With that being said please give consideration as to the room size you are planning on filling with your favorite scent. 

The fragrance oils (FO) that we carefully blend into our soy wax at specific temperatures are purchased from leading and reputable candle supply companies located in the U.S. and adhere to the strictest standards of IFRA and RIFM.

They are added into the wax at precise temperatures and fragrance loads, typically between 6-10% ratio to wax.  Soy wax can be a challenge and sometimes finicky with fragrance oils during production. Let's just say, sometimes the wax and fragrance oils prefer not to coexist with each other.

This may cause a poor "cold" or "hot" throw. In turn, we put every effort into removing that combination of variables from our line. 

The takeaway in all of this is, we hope that our candles exceed your expectations and rival those of the leading retailers.

Be assured that our candles have gone through a series of testing and are safe when used with adherence to safety label guidance on the bottom of each candle.

We know how and what our candles are made of, and equally important now you know!

If you purchase a candle from us and you are not totally satisfied with its performance, please privately message us, so that we can refund or exchange the product! Your honesty and any feedback enable us to go forward in adjusting a candle formula that will make it even better.

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